What metals can be powder coated?
We can powder coat onto mild steel, galvanized steel and aluminium.  Please contact us if you have other metals that require powder coating.

What products or fabrications can be powder coated?
Providing that they are fabricated from one of the metals listed above then there should be no reason why we cannot coat your steelwork.  Typical products include: gates, railings, fencing, stairways, balustrades, balconies, mezzanines, pipe fittings, structural steelwork, ladders, man-ways, playground equipment, barriers, wheel guards, sign posts, lamp and CCTV poles and masts, gym and sports equipment, stadium seating, steel wheels, trailers and chassis, radiators, aluminium and steel building products, flooring/decking, bollards, bike racks, table and chairs, tree guards, benches, gazebos, post boxes, cabinets, litter bins, greenhouses and conservatories, tools, sculptures, planters, car bumpers, roll bars, stillages and containers, racking and shelving, cranes, trollies, foot bridges, shelters, canopies and many more.

What do I have to do to my metalwork before bringing it in?
If your metalwork is rusty or covered in old paint, oil or grease then we can shot blast this off for you prior to us powder coating it.

Do you offer services to the general public?
Absolutely, if you have a pair of old drive gates, or a radiator, or some steel wheels, etc that you’ve been meaning to tidy up for some time, give us a call or pop in and see us.  We can blast clean and re-coat.  No job is too small.

How long does it take to process my metalwork?
The short answer is that the specific amount of days will depend upon just how busy our shot blasting and/or powder coating facilities are and the amount of metal work to be processed.  As a general rule, we would hope to have processed your metalwork within 3 to 5 working days, however it is best to check with us before or when you bring your work in.

Have I a choice of colours?
Yes. You can choose from a wide variety of RAL and BS numbers and other colours too.  Contact us with your request.

What gloss level do you recommend?
Most, but not all, colours are available in matt (approximately 30% gloss level), semi-gloss (approximately 60-70% gloss level) and gloss (approximately 90% gloss level).  Full gloss is not generally recommended for external applications and we always recommend matt for when powder coating over galvanized steel.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How long does powder coating last?
A powder coating can last a long time. If your steel is located outside then we would recommend that we shot blast, apply an epoxy powder primer and then powder coat.  This will give your steelwork a very good level of protection against atmospheric corrosion.  We cannot offer guarantees as standard however we would expect a coating of this nature to last at least between five and ten years depending upon the application.  Please note that some aggressive environments can reduce the life of a powder coating.

Can you powder coat over galvanizing?
Yes, in fact around half of our powder coating is applied to galvanized steel.  We can galvanize your mild steel fabrications for you and after galvanizing it, we fettle and then T-wash it to ensure that you receive the coating quality you expect.  We can also powder coat over pre-galvanized steel – contact us for details.

If powder coating gets scratched during installation how do I repair it?
No paint system is invincible and despite its durability, powder coating can be damaged in some circumstances.  In these cases we recommend that you purchase a tin of matching aerosol ‘touch up’ paint which should be applied carefully to the area in question.  Please contact us for more details on how to remedy scratches or for prices and availability of ‘touch up’ paint.

Can I dress my own galvanized steelwork before you powder coat it?
For jobs that require galvanizing and powder coating, we have a created a department whose sole function is to fettle that steelwork.  However, as fellow obsessive control freaks, we respect the right of every man or woman to fettle their own work if they prefer.

Do you package/protect my metalwork after powder coating it?
Yes, we package all powder coated steelwork for safe transport back to you or site.

How is the price of powder coating measured?
Powder coating prices tend to be calculated by size or surface area.  Have a think about how large your fabrications are and how many you have and give us a call for a quotation.

Do you powder coat to British standards?
We powder coat onto hot dip galvanized steel in accordance to BS EN 13438:2005.