Why powder coat?

With its combination of aesthetics and corrosion resistance powder coating is an excellent way to protect and enhance your fabrications.

Powder coating onto galvanized steel conforms to BS EN 13438 (2005).

Colour options

One of the main benefits of powder coating is the wide spectrum of colour options available.  We offer a huge range of RAL and BS colours with most being available in a choice of gloss levels.

Reasons to add colour to your fabrications:

Simple aesthetics
Brighten and improve your environment with colour.  Examples include school buildings or other structures, railings and playground equipment.

Enhancing safety
Ensure that your steps, ladders, handrails, bollards or barriers, etc are a bright and highly visible colour.

Components, industrial products, signs, building canopies, vehicle parts, etc can be coated in your Company’s colours to enhance branding or help reduce theft.

Contact us with your colour requirement

Hassle free

The precious time you spend wet painting your fabrications is time that could be better spent fabricating.  Save yourself the trouble and the mess – give us that responsibility.

It is also a hassle and cost for you to fettle your galvanized steel smooth after it comes back from your galvanizer and before sending out to your powder coater.  Don’t worry.  For galvanizing and powder coating jobs, we will galvanize, fettle smooth and then powder coat for you.

Fettling is so important, which is why we have a team of full time fettlers creating smooth galvanized substrates in preparation for powder coating of a quality you can be proud of.

Texture options

Powder coating is applied to metal in a way that promotes a uniform, professional and continuous coating.

There are no brush marks and virtually no drips.  However, the standard smooth coating option is not for everyone and so we also offer a number of other powder coating textures/types.

Warm to touch
A plastic powder coating that is usually much thicker than the standard polyester coatings.  Apart from good chemical resistance it also offers anti-slip characteristics.  The warm to touch name is due to the coating having good thermal insulation.  Ideal for handrails.

For something a little different, select a metallic or ‘antique’ coating which can suit the more decorative or sculptural market.  These coatings help give steel the precious metal or aged antique look.

Powder coating is available with either a ‘ripple’ or ‘grainy’ texture.  An example of how this application is used is for gymnasium steelwork which is coated in this powder to help improve the users grip of the equipment.

Corrosion resistant

Although widely used throughout many industries mild steel is vulnerable to rusting.

Rusting steel fabrications are expensive to maintain or replace and look just awful.  Powder coating is a good option for protecting your steelwork from chemical or atmospheric corrosion.

Polyester is easily our most popular powder coating resin.  It is inexpensive, versatile, offers reasonable chemical resistance and good UV stability.

For applications where there is a high risk of contact with corrosive materials it is better to switch to an Epoxy resin.  The Epoxy resins have much better corrosion resistance but are not as UV stable and so should usually not be specified for external applications without consulting your powder coater.

All steelwork located outside or steelwork located inside within corrosive environments should have either a powder coated primer or hot dip galvanized coating applied underneath.