Colour options

Colour RAL Sheen*
Yellow (signal) 1003 S
Yellow (rape) 1021 M, G
Yellow (traffic) 1023 G
Vermillion 2002 G
Orange (traffic) 2009 S
Red (traffic) 3020 M
Blue (ultramarine) 5002 M
Blue (gentian) 5010 M
Green (moss) 6005 M, G
Grey (basalt) 7012 M
Grey (slate) 7015 M, G
Grey (anthracite) 7016 M
Grey (light) 7035 M
White (signal) 9003 M
Black (jet) 9005 M, S, G
White (pure) 9010 M, S
White (traffic) 9016 S

These are some of our most popular stocked colours. We have many more available in stock or as a specials.* Note the colour shown is as a guide only. Colours on screen will not exactly match the RAL colour. The sheen column represents which gloss levels are stocked: M = Matt, S = Semi-gloss and G = Gloss.Please contact us if your colour or gloss level is not listed above.