Archie Phillips and Eric Beasey set up the structural galvanizing company in Hereford (Hereford Galvanizers Ltd).

Hereford Galvanizers Ltd leases an unused 3 metres long galvanizing plant in Ellesmere, Shropshire from milking system manufacturer Fullwood Ltd.  This plant becomes Shropshire Galvanizers.

After seven years in Ellesmere the Company relocates to a new purpose-built plant on a green fields site in Oswestry.  The new galvanizing kettle is L 4.0 x W 1.2 x 2.7m and is designed to suit the specific needs of the local market.

The Company sets up its Powder Coating and Shot Blasting plant at Aspect House, on the same industrial estate as the galvanizing plant in Oswestry.

After five years of successful trading, the Powder Coating and Shot Blasting side of the business ‘re-brand’ as Shropshire Powder Coaters.  They remain linked to Shropshire Galvanizers and owned by Hereford Galvanizers Ltd.